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Affordable Web Design Sunshine Coast

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You came here looking for someone to build you an Awesome Website!

We are a Professional, Affordable Web Design & Hosting Business currently servicing –

Bribie Island & Sunshine Coast Area in Queensland. 

Affordable Web Design

Need a Website – Affordable Web Design Sunshine Coast. At Wayne’s Web World we strive to create stunning Websites for our Clients. We have been designing websites for over 20 years, and we can design you a website that gets results. We custom design to match your Brand & Your ideas with Our Expertise !

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Websites we PROMOTE:

Website Process Explained - Simple Terms

Website-Process-Explained - Affordable Web Design

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Domain Name

  1. Decide on a Name, usually this is the same as your Business Name
  2. You OR Us, register the Domain Name
  3.  Common types – | .com |

Website Build

  1. We consult with you and determine what is required
  2. Website build process begins
  3. Once completed, it needs to go LIVE for the World to see.
  4. To go Live the files need to be Hosted (stored) somewhere.


  1. Decide on the Hosting type required
  2.  Basic – Advanced – Premium
  3. Hosting type is decided by the complexity of the Website and overall requirements

Affordable Web Design

We are an affordable Web Design Sunshine Coast Company, Wayne’s Web World – We are personable and competitive !

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Waynes Web World uses Elementor-Pro

Wayne’s Web World provide net web hosting and e commerce website builders using responsive web design and the best web design templates. We are website designers online and use the best ecommerce website builder for small business which is Woocommerce for WordPress, We also use Elementor to bring your creation to life.

Wayne's Web World Design - Affordable Web Design

Being website designers for small business since 2001, we provide affordable web design services to small business. Our web design development company is a modern website design business who also offers you affordable ecommerce website design if required.

Waynes Web World uses Woocommerce

We can make a custom website design for companies or the small business alike. If you are requiring a quick website design we can turn around a personal web page or design a website homepage in a couple of days. Also, for the young entrepreneurs amongst you we can tailor a cool web design to suit your needs.


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Price includes FREE .au or .com Domain Name Registration for the first 12 months

  • Affordable Website Design
  • Affordable Hosting

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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We have been Building, Designing and Hosting affordable websites since 2001. Of course our knowledge increases with every build, and so does the platform we use,   (WordPress). Along with WordPress we use Elementor to build our page templates. Elementor is one of the worlds most popular page builders and works extremely well with WordPress for design.

The program has an extensive array of addons and saves a lot of time in the editing phase. This allows us to only use plugins that are relevant to our builds because Elementor has such an ever increasing suite of extra’s. Both WordPress and Elementor are user friendly, so learning code is not required by the end user. If you do happen to get stuck on anything then adopting one of our Managed Services will indeed be a wise move.

We look forward to working with you on your new project !   🙂

So why choose us?

Well, Having run our own successful Sign Shop in Maroochydore since 2011 we understand what is required when it comes to Printing. Combine this with our knowledge of Building Websites!

And, creating all your

  • Logo’s
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads 
  • Invoice Books

 or even website graphics may be ok if you design them using Photoshop or Indesign, BUT…

When it comes to using those beautifully designed images for your Vehicle Signage OR Shop Signage then you are going to want them done in Adobe ILLUSTRATOR or Corel Draw. Any program where we create them as a VECTOR file or graphic. To further help you understand the difference lets take an in depth look here:


1. Basically, When you try to enlarge a Raster image beyond it’s original size the image will pixellate.

2. However, If your design is created as a Vector graphic then we can have it printed anywhere between a postage stamp size to a large Billboard and not loose any quality.

See Below example:

Affordable Web Design

We are an affordable Web Design Sunshine Coast Company, Wayne’s Web World – We are personable and competitive !

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Book an Appointment to Discuss your Options


1. We Register your Domain Name 
2. We Design your Website  
3. We Host your  Website (FREE) for the first 12 months.

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We can design your website as a brochure style website, a business website, and e-Commerce online store that you can manage and update yourself.

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Whether you need a full featured, top-of-the-line hosting product, a simple hosting platform for your new website or just a professional email address, we have the product for you.


The first step to setting up an online business is securing the right domain name for your business. You need to choose a domain with a good keyword, so people can find and remember you, and choose the best domain extension for your business. Once you know what domain your business needs, it’s quick and easy to register with us.


Our talented website designers will create a stunning and effective website for your business. We have over 15 years experience in website development, online shops, email setup, domain name registration, SEO integration and email marketing.


If you think about how many times you hand out your business cards to potential clients, contacts and friends of friends, you realise how powerful they are as a business tool. In fact, a quality business card should be the backbone of any good stationery suite. Our team can help bring your business to life by creating a custom design for your business card.

Affordable Web Design We Build using WordPress CMS

All our Affordable Web Design Websites are built on the popular WordPress CMS (Content Management System). We are also able to build in HTML if required.

Why WordPress? well, a long time ago it was only used as  a Blog site. But because of it’s ease of use, and ever increasing Plugins that are available the are literally hundreds and thousands of Plugins and Themes we can choose from. There are some Major companies around the Globe using WordPress these days, see some of them listed here:

Look at other Major Websites that are using WordPress !

Look at these Major Websites using WordPress! If it's good enough for them, then why arn't YOU using it?

WordPress used to have a stigma about it that if your site was built on the WordPress platform then it was a cheap site not worth owning. However, a lot of time and effort goes into making a Website, and we love what we do.  Using WordPress simplifies this process for the (end user) that’s you!. It enables even the most Tech illiterate people to edit their own Website, ad images, create new pages and content. 

Another well know program that we use is Elementor. This is an invaluable tool in building an extremely versatile and well structured Website. Elementor continues to be a popular Web Builder amongst other Website Companies, and is always increasing the functions and design capabilities for us all. Elementor have a fantastic Community of users on Facebook and an Elementor Blog page in which we can use to ask technical questions of, and they also have a fast and knowledgeable Tech team of Support.

Our Help is Always there of course, but you get the idea! it enables you to take control of your own content without the hastle of learning any code. Wayne’s Web World have build and maintain the most Affordable Web Design Websites on the coast !

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