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How do I create a new email address?

Rules for creating new email addresses

When creating or modifying an email address, be aware that email addresses needs to follow certain standards. If the email address does not follow the rules, the account will not be able to send or receive email successfully.

To avoid difficulties, use the following rules when creating or modifying email addresses:

  • Email addresses can only include alphanumeric characters, ( a-z, 0-9 ), hyphens ( – ), underscores ( _ ) or periods ( . )
  • Do not use: < > ( ) ; : , @ or spaces
  • Only letters or numbers can be used as the first character in an email address
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters are treated as the same letter, so TEST is the same as tESt

For example:

Correct Incorrect janwa


Please note:

  • A User ID for a POP account can have no more than ten characters, and a Password for a POP account can be no more than eight characters long
  • A User ID can only be used once
  • Email addresses for a POP account cannot match any existing email forwards or Autoresponders

Creating a new email address

Please check Rules when creating email addresses for instructions on choosing email addresses.

Refer to the accessing your Control Panel guide.

Before we setup your mail account in your mail client,  you will first need to create the users in the Control panel, for instructions, please click here